Taruna Aggarwal, Life Coach

What sets my Coaching apart? MY PASSION IS TO TAKE THE VALUE OF LIFE COACHING TO EVERYONE AND MAKE IT THEIR LIFESTYLE CHOICE. What inspired ME? My personal transformation began as I read and imbibed the Bhagwat Geeta. I realized that we are Whole, Complete and Able. Our authentic self is designed to live happy and empowered with no limitations. It is our choice and discretion to Design our Life just the way we want. As I trained to be a Life Coach, I realized that it is a powerful yet unexplored tool for transformation. I wanted the benefits of Life Coaching to touch as many lives as possible and that became my mission. While choosing a symbol for my venture, the Peacock feather which symbolizes inner wisdom, self-knowledge and self-awareness, became the obvious connection.

Our Programs

Programs that offer Holistic Wellbeing Transformation and Growth within you.

This Power is inherently present in each-one of us. Expanded awareness is the precursor to change, a shift in perspective is all it takes for fresh options and possibilities to emerge.

Inner Transformation

Wide Angle Conversations

Season 2 of Wide Angle conversations will encompass eight 15-minute conversations with inspirational women making their mark across a variety of fields.

What is Life coaching anyways?

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Limits exist only in the mind - unknown

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