Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging

Business case for Inclusion and Equity  Creating a workplace that is equitable and inclusive is a business as well as moral imperative.  

Creating 360 Inclusive Culture and developing Inclusive Leadership is the only way forward.  We need Male Leaders as allies,  a Systemic approach and Stakeholders Inclusion Model to achieve Diversity Equity & Inclusion at the workplace and society at large - Gender, LGBT+, Multi-generations, Differently Abled, Racial. Life-stage and more

All our programs and Services are Research based and Practice driven, delivered in collaboration with world-class Experts in D&I, Male Ally-ship and Coaching. Our programs include: •Gender Equity at the workplace •Inclusive Leadership Program •Inclusive Consulting for HR including training HR on  creating Inclusive HR Policies, processes and practices • Employee programs on Conscious Inclusion- shifting from Unconscious bias to Conscious inclusion •Coaches' Certification for Inclusive Leadership Coaching •D&I Assessment and Coaching for Leaders •Organisation Inclusion Culture Survey

Our Service-offering for DEI & Belonging


A Gender Equity program with a difference! ...because traditional Diversity initiatives focus on Representation alone, while ignoring Identity, the unique and wondrous traits, each one of us brings, and  Belonging, the employee experience of at the workplace. We deep-dive into the Social and Gender Identity, stereotype bias & threat and its psychological impact on Women in the workplace. Our program is research led and practice driven, based on Archetype theory and global standards of assessment and aims to build an inclusive and equitable organisation culture via: - Heightened awareness about Self and the Other - Enhanced interpersonal and team management skills. - Coaching Led and experiential - Three-tier intervention - entry level, mid career and top Leadership level

Our Flagship Program Wonder Women@Work

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