Individual Coaching

Unfold the Design of your Life with Life Coaching as your Springboard. The Power of Coaching lies in the belief that the ability to transform is innate in all humans; All it takes is to change your Perspective and take Ownership of your actions or inaction. One-on-one sessions with our qualified Coaches enable you to Gain Awareness about what limits you and Shift focus to a space within you where Strengths, Possibilities & Options lie untapped. Coaching Conversations can guide you to discover the Real You And enable to live Life By Design!

Group Coaching - Women and Youth

Our children are our Future Leaders! Extensive research has shown that the essential skillset for the Millennials is Resilience, Self-discipline, Adaptability, Collaborative Skills Social Intelligence and Compassion. We are passionate about inculcating these life-skills in our children NOW is the time to Future Focus. We work hand in hand with Parents, Schools, Institutions and Youth Organisations.

Workshops & Seminars

We design and deliver interactive workshops and seminars with a focus on Personal Development and Empowerment. We use research based principles and tools from neuro-sciences, Positive Psychology and Conversational Intelligence.

Who, exactly, seeks out a coach?.... Winners who want even more out of life. - Chicago Tribune

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